It all started when Emily asked Jessica what foundation she used. From there, they began to share skincare secrets, beauty tips, healthy lifestyle choices along with their goals and aspirations. Once strangers … now partners, Emily and Jessica created NU BEAUTY to unite wellness, self-love and beauty.

Their goal? To create a brand that is more than just a product, but rather, a brand that empowers women with confidence and ultimately makes everyone feel beautiful from the inside out.

To support their message, they created a perfectly formulated organic serum, that is affordable and made with minimal ingredients (and minus all the bad stuff of course). This serum really is your wing woman, a serum that will have you glowing and feeling like your best you.

And this is how it all came to be, this is how NU BEAUTY was born.

Oh and P.S. “Nu”, in Portuguese, means naked. They incorporated their cultural background to reinforce their fundamental principle that we should all feel beautiful in our bare skin.