Your Guide To: Being Your Own Damn Valentine

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Yes, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. All types of love. Here at Nu Beauty, we are big on the celebration of SELF LOVE. So we have rounded up 5 ways to be your own romantic Valentine this year. 

1. Buy yourself flowers. There is nothing better than walking into your space with fresh flowers.

2. Splurge a little and treat yourself with chocolates, champagne and a nice dinner from that Italian place you’ve always wanted to try.

3. Light some candles and dip into a bubble bath. Take a second to think of all the amazing things you’re grateful for and feel nothing but happiness and gratitude.

4. From: Me, To: Me. Write a love letter to yourself. List all the amazing things you genuinely love about yourself.

5. Practice self care. We're thinking a fluffy robe, or our cozy crewneck, a sheet mask and a feel good book (check out The Four Agreements, we swear by it)

Happy (self love) Valentine's Day x

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