Why you shouldn't pop your pimples

Sometimes you know it’s coming, and other times they just appear. Regardless of how it got there, this is why you shouldn’t pop your pimple.

1. You’re preventing your body from healing
Acne is your body’s response to blocked pores and bacteria — that bump means your body is doing something about it.

2. You’ll tear your skin
When you pop a pimple, you are forcefully pushing the bacteria out which actually tears the surface of your skin.

3. You’ll make the pimple worse
You may end up forcing the bacteria and oil down even further into the skin leading to an even larger pimple.

4. You can create more pimples
Ever notice that a second pimple often pops up in the place of one you just popped? Popping a pimple — whether you’re successful or not can create more.

5. You can create a scar
All these things can also up your risk of leaving a scar. These scars are difficult to treat once they’ve occurred 

So you popped your pimple before reading this blog post, now what?

Apply a product with salicylic acid to draw out extra oil and dry out the pimple. Follow up with our Vitamin C Serum to diminish the appearance of acne scars & dark spots.

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