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The year of challenge and uncertainty has (finally) come to an end. Together, we’ve experienced a pandemic, justice movement and global violence, just to name a few. 

2020 was the year of learning, while 2021 is the year of applying.

Here are 3 types of self-care to ease your mind, soothe your soul, and help you find peace amidst the chaos. 

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These are the moments that can quickly act as a state change. Think candle lit bubble bath, dancing to a feel-good song or 5 mins of powerful affirmations. 

Here are our favourite affirmations to get you out of a funk

I am confident and I am strong

I am wanted and I am worthy

I love myself more and more each day


We call this the integral part of your daily routine. These moments help ease stress and allow you to navigate through your day with intention. Think mental (phone free) rest, healthy diet, breath work, yoga and meditation. 

Check out Yoga With Adrienne on Youtube for yoga practices.


Mastered the essentials and craving a little more? Let’s go deeper and talk about setting personal boundaries, resolving lingering conflict and practice the art of letting go what no longer serves you. 

Embrace change because once you create space, you can welcome more opportunities!

Remember, self-care is a cycle and not a one size fits all. The combination of all 3 self care moments will give you the upgrade you’re looking for in 2021. 

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