Gifts Under $50

Finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be hard (or pricey). Take out your list and start checking people off because this Under $50 Gift Guide will have something for everyone you love!

Get Cozy With

Cleanse Crewneck ($45)

Hydrate Crewneck ($45)

Fuzzy Slippers ($20)

UGG Quilted Throw ($40)

Silk Pillowcase ($40)

Lather Yourself In


Vitamin C Serum ($45)

Dry Brush ($27)

Hand Sanitizer ($18)

Coffee Body Scrub ($17)

Papaya Face Mask ($34)

Cultivate A Vibe With

Bath Soak ($38)

Sunday Candle ($30)

The Five Minute Journal ($27)

Wicker Diffuser ($49)

Feel Good Teas ($25) 

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